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Henryx’s Priest of Mitra Divinity Build

Henryx_Pom_DivMost of the player usually have wrong impressions on Priest of Mitra (Pom), e.g. Pom is heal bot, Pom only smites, Pom must be Vengeance/General spec, Pom is easy and straight forward to play, Pom cannot dps. And it is absolutely wrong to think that. Priest of Mitra is the most complicated healer class to master and understand even compared with Bear Shaman’s micro management. The massive and criss-cross relationships/functions between feats/utilities of Pom is way more than you can think of. In healing/supporting aspects, having one divinity Pom in group is just like having two healers in your group. If you ask me which healer class is the best healer, I can tell you it is Pom for sure. However the OPness of Pom is not build up by its heal only but also its ability to protect, which combat parser never show you. And it is the reason why I use “support” to describe Pom rather than “heal” only.

In this post I am gonna share my Priest of Mitra knowledge and builds to you guys.  All the builds I share is aimed for the max support/dps .

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The Path of Herald of Xotli

The Path of Herald of XotliWhat will you choose on the path of Herald of Xotli? Avatar?Possession?

I had tried both sides. If you ask me which side to play with in PVE/PVP, I would definitely pick Avatar on both side.
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4.3 Class Balance Tweaks Update + Morphs PVP Fun


Finally the 4.3 Class Balance Tweaks Update arrived today, before the server down I did a minigame to celebrate. Can’t believe I still have to deal with the two infamous lame classes – necro and ranger. Every time I see these classes I will just facepalm, and I know my team will focus the tanks and let them pewpewpew.
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PVP T1 Gears Revamp / Barbarian “Reverse Swing” TEST

Didn’t touch PVP with my lowbie barbarian for long, it is painful to PVP with full PVE gears and getting destroyed by full T4 easy classes. The arrival of PVP T1 gears revamp is really a blessing for new pvpers.

I just did a simple classic unbalance mini with the new T1 gears and I found that my survivability raised a lot. Usually the skillless necro dots already brought me to dead, but now I feel I have the basic protection level to compete at least.


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TestLive PVP Events

Finally some new PVP content, I had recorded some of them in testlive server and want to make some short comments.

Arenas of Death

‘A part of the playfield will be considered to be an ‘Arena of Death’. When the event is active you will receive an ‘Arena Gladiator’ buff while in this area. You will score points by making kills of other players with the ‘Arena Gladiator’ buff and for each full minute you survive without leaving the arena area.
The first player to a set number of points will be declared the winner of the arena.’

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