PVP T1 Gears Revamp / Barbarian “Reverse Swing” TEST

Didn’t touch PVP with my lowbie barbarian for long, it is painful to PVP with full PVE gears and getting destroyed by full T4 easy classes. The arrival of PVP T1 gears revamp is really a blessing for new pvpers.

I just did a simple classic unbalance mini with the new T1 gears and I found that my survivability raised a lot. Usually the skillless necro dots already brought me to dead, but now I feel I have the basic protection level to compete at least.


Moreover, I tested out my new zerker “Reverse Swing” build and the outcome was pretty good. I feel the overall damage is increased by keeping the reverse swing buff. The cooldown of  decap/thirst for blood/rampaging horde are really too long to be useful, you cannot really burst many times with these buffs in a mini. High mobility and doing more short combos is more important for a good barbarian imo. Reverse Swing match with Hammer and Anvil should be a great choice, spamming damage increased staggering blow/ stunning punch and keep strafing on your enemy with short combos is way better than the long suicide upheaval. Looking forward to get the new T1 PVP accessories on next 4.2 patch !

3 thoughts on “PVP T1 Gears Revamp / Barbarian “Reverse Swing” TEST

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  2. anonymous

    Hey, you have some awesome music in your videos, the class trailer and your recent siege video in particular. Would it be too much to ask for a list of the music you’ve used?


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