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Henryx’s AOC Scripts

I had edited quite a lot of scripts in the past, most of them have quick clickable links for group chat messages. Some of them are quite useful and solve many problems when you are playing with no vent or pug. I will keep updating this post when I create new scripts.

The Lady And The Lotus (RaidFinder): Download


Abyss of Kun Whu: Download


The Celestial Necropolis: Download
/Necropolis.txt player1 player2 player3 player4 player5 player6

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Quest Lines for T1/T2/T3 Raids


Level 60+

  • Complete the whole Black Dragon Quest line from King Conan that starts with Black Legion Recruit and goes thru killing Black Dragon Magnus, Battle of Set and ends with Black Dragon Knighthood – The result of this quest line will be King Conan giving you the quest to Kill the Dragon Vistrix.

Level 80 – Tier 1

  • Complete your level 80 destiny quest.
    • When you turn 80 this quest is available to you from Kalanthes in Kheshetta. Fight the Grim Grey God, speak with King Conan, and complete your destiny.
  • Return to Kalanthes in Kheshetta.
    • He in turn will give you a quest to speak with Cha in Kheshetta city for the quest “Master of the Silver Peacock.”
  • Talk to Cha.
    • He will give you a new quest to find a dragon’s tooth.
  • Speak to Kurtz in Atzel’s Approach
    • He will give you a quest Trail to the Dragon’s Lair – travel to the entrance of the Vistrix Dungeon
    • After you find the Dragon’s Lair and return to Kurtz he will give you the quest Draconis Hex – to find the inscriptions in the Dragon’s Lair
  • Attend a Vistrix raid.
    • Make sure to complete the Inscriptions quest from Kurtz while killing the all the trash mobs in the Vistrix zone BEFORE you kill Vistrix himself.
    • Return to Kutz and turn in the Inscriptions quest and casters will get Vistrix’s Bane and all will get a new quest from Kurtz to kill the dragon Vistrix and get the crown.
    • Return to the Vistrix Raid in progress and kill the Dragon Vistrix. From the loot box from Vistrix will be the Crown and more towards the front of the room where you came in will be a small alter that you can click on to receive Vistrix’s Tooth.
  • Return to Kurtz
    • Complete the quest and get the reward.
  • Return to the Cha.
    • It will complete the quest.
  • Return to Kalanthes.
    • He will give you a new quest and will send you to Zelata in the Wild Lands.
  • Speak with Zelata.
    • Go through her steps to use divination, speak with her again, and she will send you back to Kalanthes.
  • Return to Kalanthes.
    • He will give you a new quest to go to a shrine just outside the main city of Kheshetta.
  • Goto Kheshetta.
    • As you approach the shrine, you will be ambushed by 4 black ring enemies. Kill them all, then approach the shrine.
    • The shrine has two objects – a ring (which goes into your quest tab of your inventory) and a note (which goes into your general tab). Please bear in mind that these items are VERY small, and easy to miss, but they are there – scour the shrine and use your “Use” keybinding (Default: U) if you are having trouble.
    • Hold onto the ring in your quest tab – do NOT throw it away.
    • Right click on the note when you have it in your inventory – it will give you a new quest called “The Immortal Hand”

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