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Henryx’s AOC Scripts

I had edited quite a lot of scripts in the past, most of them have quick clickable links for group chat messages. Some of them are quite useful and solve many problems when you are playing with no vent or pug. I will keep updating this post when I create new scripts.

The Lady And The Lotus (RaidFinder): Download


Abyss of Kun Whu: Download


The Celestial Necropolis: Download
/Necropolis.txt player1 player2 player3 player4 player5 player6

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Forgotten Gods Quest


Here is an incomplete list of emote for Forgotten Gods quest.

Cang Jei told me that to understand immortality, I should speak with the old gods of Khitai. Do the emotes  at shrines spread across the entire empire of Khitai.

In my experience, if you want to get the major gift buff from gods, you have to do the correct emote at first time, you wouldn’t get it if you do the wrong emote and get ignored, also sometimes you will get a curse instead of a major buff. You can get minor gift buff non stop, but major gift have a 15mins cooldown. Major and minor buff do not stack.

Northern Grasslands
(295,903) – /PONDER – Gift of Constitution +16 Constitution
(375,1185) – /BOW – Gift of Intelligence +20 Intelligence
(475,1120) – /PONDER – Gift of Wisdom +20 wisdom
(1405,905) – Donation – Gift of Dexterity +20 Dexterity
/LAUGHHEARTILY – Minor Gift of Chifu-Shen +10 Non Combat Health Regen
(935,685) – /PONDER – Minor Gift of Cheng-Huang +40 Fatality Rating
(815,690) – /TRACK – Minor Gift of Cang-Jei +24 Critical Rating
(1295,175) – /POINTUP – Minor Gift of Cheng-Ho +32 Protection
(1492,625) – /POINTUP – Minor Gift of Cheng-Ho +32 Protection
(997,920) – Donation – Gift of Strength +20 strength
/SLITTHROAT – Minor Gift of Yun +8 Magic Damage +50 Combat Rating
(289,338) – /BOW – Minor Gift of Chi-Ti +14 Immunity Rating
(915,1483) – ???
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