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The Twelve Portents – World Boss Legendary Cape Quest

The quest giver of the world boss legendary cape quest – The Astromancer is located at 848,480 in Old Tarantia. He will tell you twelve portents that he had read in the heavens. These portents seem to refer to great colossi that will appear during each monthly cycle. And I tried to do some predictions according to the portents with the testlive events and new boss icons in RDB folder, but I can only match 8 of them, there are still 13 bosses available. Maybe you can help me to match them! You can find the remaining boss icons at below :Dastromancer Continue reading


Forgotten Gods Quest


Here is an incomplete list of emote for Forgotten Gods quest.

Cang Jei told me that to understand immortality, I should speak with the old gods of Khitai. Do the emotes  at shrines spread across the entire empire of Khitai.

In my experience, if you want to get the major gift buff from gods, you have to do the correct emote at first time, you wouldn’t get it if you do the wrong emote and get ignored, also sometimes you will get a curse instead of a major buff. You can get minor gift buff non stop, but major gift have a 15mins cooldown. Major and minor buff do not stack.

Northern Grasslands
(295,903) – /PONDER – Gift of Constitution +16 Constitution
(375,1185) – /BOW – Gift of Intelligence +20 Intelligence
(475,1120) – /PONDER – Gift of Wisdom +20 wisdom
(1405,905) – Donation – Gift of Dexterity +20 Dexterity
/LAUGHHEARTILY – Minor Gift of Chifu-Shen +10 Non Combat Health Regen
(935,685) – /PONDER – Minor Gift of Cheng-Huang +40 Fatality Rating
(815,690) – /TRACK – Minor Gift of Cang-Jei +24 Critical Rating
(1295,175) – /POINTUP – Minor Gift of Cheng-Ho +32 Protection
(1492,625) – /POINTUP – Minor Gift of Cheng-Ho +32 Protection
(997,920) – Donation – Gift of Strength +20 strength
/SLITTHROAT – Minor Gift of Yun +8 Magic Damage +50 Combat Rating
(289,338) – /BOW – Minor Gift of Chi-Ti +14 Immunity Rating
(915,1483) – ???
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“The Silver Atrium” Rise of the Godslayer Expansion Teaser Event

The Silver Atrium Event

The Silver Atrium Event

I think not many new player know what and where is The Silver Atrium, it is a very small instance from the very old expansion teaser event. Personally I love this place and the quest of the event, so want to write something to record it and share. Continue reading

Racial, Archetype and Renown Pet Quests

Renown Pet Quests

Start of the quest requires guild renown level 8.
A Settled Nomad moves to your city and offers a quest to adopt a half-tamed animal from Stygia.

Quest: A Good Home (From: Settled Nomad)
I met an ex-nomad in my home city that has three young animals: a muck snapper, a baboon, and a cheetah. She will only permit me to care for one, and even then, requires that I prove I know enough about the animal to meet its needs.
Choose one of these:
Pet: Young Baboon
Companion: Spotted Cheetah
Pet: Muck Snapper
*Repeatable. Pets are mutually exclusive. New replaces Old.
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