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How to get Steam cape with new account

Barbed Cloak of Vapor

Barbed Cloak of Vapor

To get the Steam exclusive in-game cloak, “Spiked Cloak of Vapors”. (It is named “Barbed Cloak of Vapor” ingame). You need to download Age of Conan client from steam and register your new account through the client.

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Henryx’s HyperEpic Gallery Collection


I always have this EPIC concept in my mind, can’t believe I finally have the mood to get it done. I think I had tried my best with only a game client to capture all these things. Moreover, I was having a hard time for the armor selection part to pick up armors that have better textures and feelings. E.g. Demo PVE/PVP T3 has really bad texture so I was forced to use PVP T1.
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PVP T1 Gears Revamp / Barbarian “Reverse Swing” TEST

Didn’t touch PVP with my lowbie barbarian for long, it is painful to PVP with full PVE gears and getting destroyed by full T4 easy classes. The arrival of PVP T1 gears revamp is really a blessing for new pvpers.

I just did a simple classic unbalance mini with the new T1 gears and I found that my survivability raised a lot. Usually the skillless necro dots already brought me to dead, but now I feel I have the basic protection level to compete at least.


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Henryx’s “Guardian of Mitra” Vanity Set


Guardian of Mitra

After some mix and match, I finally worked out a best vanity set for my pom. And I had named this set as “Guardian of Mitra” :P. The key of this set are three main pieces from Iron Tower, they are very handsome and the icons on armors are really match with pom.
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PVP T3 / T4 Armor Skin Comparison

I had captured the PVP T3/T4 gear models from RDB folder and mixed them together in a picture. The T4 gears aren’t confirmed officially yet, so just take a look, the ratio maybe strange but better than nothing pvpers!!! 

P.S For some reasons I cannot open the POM gears, sorry fellow POMS!



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