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Henryx’s The Fire Within Gallery Collection

Finally get a good fire particle effect that match my taste in The Fire Within video. However, my right hand was injured yesterday and cannot click mouse at all Q_Q, so I won’t able to finish it and gaming in short. Enjoy my few work in progress shots!!

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Henryx’s HyperEpic Gallery Collection


I always have this EPIC concept in my mind, can’t believe I finally have the mood to get it done. I think I had tried my best with only a game client to capture all these things. Moreover, I was having a hard time for the armor selection part to pick up armors that have better textures and feelings. E.g. Demo PVE/PVP T3 has really bad texture so I was forced to use PVP T1.
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Henryx’s “Guardian of Mitra” Vanity Set


Guardian of Mitra

After some mix and match, I finally worked out a best vanity set for my pom. And I had named this set as “Guardian of Mitra” :P. The key of this set are three main pieces from Iron Tower, they are very handsome and the icons on armors are really match with pom.
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