Henryx’s HyperEpic Gallery Collection


I always have this EPIC concept in my mind, can’t believe I finally have the mood to get it done. I think I had tried my best with only a game client to capture all these things. Moreover, I was having a hard time for the armor selection part to pick up armors that have better textures and feelings. E.g. Demo PVE/PVP T3 has really bad texture so I was forced to use PVP T1.

You may not believe it but all the pictures were rendered by ingame DreamWorld Engine and SweetFX. I had only added a bit sharpen effect. As a game from 6 years ago, Age of Conan had done a great job on the graphic texture and gear creation. Every player should praise the gear artists, they had given a soul to every set of armor. It is a pity to see that the T5 gear creation with limited resource recently is such a dishonor. I wish Funcom can give us a bigger surprise in T6 :).

If you like my video and wallpapers, send some golds to Henryx on Crom server !!! I still want an ibis for my guardian.

You can download the HyperEpic wallpapers HERE.

Assassin Assassin2 Barbarian Barbarian2 Bear_Shaman Bear_Shaman2 Conqueror Conqueror2 Dark_Templar Dark_Templar2 Demonologist Demonologist2 Guardian Guardian2 Herald_of_Xotli Herald_of_Xotli2 Necromancer Necromancer2 Priest_of_Mitra Priest_of_Mitra2 Ranger Ranger2 Tempest_of_Set Tempest_of_Set2

2 thoughts on “Henryx’s HyperEpic Gallery Collection

  1. Karlog

    You are correct about T5 gear. It is a absolute disgrace. Especially some weapons (like the HoX sword or the Guard shield) just make me ashamed when looking at them.
    My guess is T6 gear will be in the style of the dragon spine armors that are in game already. Not really my taste but at least they look finished and original.

  2. Rhett

    Awesome stuff as always Henry! Definitely picked the best looking gear for the Tos, but why is the person blue in the image? Its kinda neat, but I was curious what was going on there.


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