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Henryx’s Priest of Mitra Divinity Build

Henryx_Pom_DivMost of the player usually have wrong impressions on Priest of Mitra (Pom), e.g. Pom is heal bot, Pom only smites, Pom must be Vengeance/General spec, Pom is easy and straight forward to play, Pom cannot dps. And it is absolutely wrong to think that. Priest of Mitra is the most complicated healer class to master and understand even compared with Bear Shaman’s micro management. The massive and criss-cross relationships/functions between feats/utilities of Pom is way more than you can think of. In healing/supporting aspects, having one divinity Pom in group is just like having two healers in your group. If you ask me which healer class is the best healer, I can tell you it is Pom for sure. However the OPness of Pom is not build up by its heal only but also its ability to protect, which combat parser never show you. And it is the reason why I use “support” to describe Pom rather than “heal” only.

In this post I am gonna share my Priest of Mitra knowledge and builds to you guys.  All the builds I share is aimed for the max support/dps .

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Necromancer Grinding


So many years I cannot see a Necromancer does some efficiency grinding in game. Is Demonologist’s brainless wave of flame the only way to grind as a mage?

In this post, I want to share the potential of Necromancer in grinding. No worry, I am not gonna teach you how to use Archmage Pet/ Deathly Blizzard spell.
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Spellweaving Ability


Spellweaving is a special ability to boost casters damage and give them special abilities such as extra cc, aoe. Once caster go into spellweaving state, the caster will be rooted, lose energy over time and get a x1 stack spellweaving buff which increase their spells’ critical chance, critical damage, splash radius and splash damage. The longer time in spellweaving the higher stack bonus you can get, max is x6 stack. However, spellweaving also gives you detrimental effects like mana drain, reduced resistance when you stay too long in it.
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Understanding Crowd Control (CC) and Immunity

Crowd Control (or CC)

Crowd Control is a term referring to all means used to control enemies position and movement. It is mainly used to prevent enemies from attacking one player or his group, or to prevent enemies from moving, kiting and fleeing.

There are two divisions of  Crowd Control in Age of Conan:

  • Major Crowd Control – where the character is completely incapacitated. (Stun, Fear, Charm, Knockback)
  • Minor Crowd Control – where only some aspects of character control is impacted. (Root, Snare, Silence)

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