Henryx’s Priest of Mitra Divinity Build

Henryx_Pom_DivMost of the player usually have wrong impressions on Priest of Mitra (Pom), e.g. Pom is heal bot, Pom only smites, Pom must be Vengeance/General spec, Pom is easy and straight forward to play, Pom cannot dps. And it is absolutely wrong to think that. Priest of Mitra is the most complicated healer class to master and understand even compared with Bear Shaman’s micro management. The massive and criss-cross relationships/functions between feats/utilities of Pom is way more than you can think of. In healing/supporting aspects, having one divinity Pom in group is just like having two healers in your group. If you ask me which healer class is the best healer, I can tell you it is Pom for sure. However the OPness of Pom is not build up by its heal only but also its ability to protect, which combat parser never show you. And it is the reason why I use “support” to describe Pom rather than “heal” only.

In this post I am gonna share my Priest of Mitra knowledge and builds to you guys.  All the builds I share is aimed for the max support/dps .


Feat Tree Selection:

The most popular veng/gen build is simple and straight forward but it just like playing a ranger selfishly and there is not more than three group supporting abilities in veng tree. The aim of my build is to be supportive, so I probably won’t go deep into vengeance tree.

Best supportive build in both pve/pvp is div/veng imo. Best thing of Divinity tree is that you can doing both offensive/defensive thing at the same time. In other word, it is much more time efficient to multitask as a divinity pom. YES, POM CAN TOP BOTH DPS and HEAL. E.g. Lance of Mitra for column damage/ aoe heal, doing attacks for Divine Halo while it auto heals your teammate. Holy Cleansing mixed with shield to provide bubble like protection for whole group and offer Condemnation/AOE burst, Blessing of Mitra shielding your target while boosting your spell damage, etc. Divinity is definitely the best tree to main for pom and its dps is not worse than Vengeance at all. Sometimes div pom can even be an offtank, with a good supportive divinity pom in yr group, it will make life much more easy.



I will try to group up and explain the usage of related feats with my full support build above.

Key Feat Selection:

3214008 - $0825A648Holy Accession
The main feat for Pom to solve mana problem, trigger constantly while you has your Wave of Life(blue heal) on, to make your next holy damage spell no mana cost. Pair with Avatar of Mitra to trigger additional Holy Strom effect to reduce the casting time of Condemnation.

3213989 - $0821CF30Avatar of Mitra
A very useful aoe stun (fear on undead/minion) around the pom, passively greatly increase the damage/range on Condemnation. Enable Pom gains Holy Strom effect when Holy Accession trigger.

3214024 - $0828E0B4Holy Strom Effect
Reduce Condemnation casting time from 6sec to 3sec,  when trigger with Holy Accession there will be a yellow ring particle around the Pom, duration 10sec, cannot trigger more than once every 15sec.

3213995 - $082305C4Condemnation
The most powerful single target channel spell and damage source of Pom, must be used under Holy Strom effect to be efficient. Additional damage on demons/undead at the end of channeling, also a minion kill effect every 1 min. Special thing is Condemnation getting a very high +3 splash radius at 1st stack of spellweaving which instantly turn Condemnation into an aoe nuke spell. Also the furthest range spell (25m)of Divinity Pom if Avatar of Mitra is feated, good to finish off fleeing enemy. The soul spell of Pom is always Condemnation but NOT Smite!!

3214017 - $082775D4Lance of Mitra   +   Divine Lance3213997 - $08236AFC
A column damage spell for multiple targets and aoe heal 300+(Crit 500+)around the target, one of the extra healing beside green/blue/big heal. HPS similar to an additional green heal if you keep it on cooldown. It make sense to use it on the furthest target to do more dps in between, but considered the healing part, just use it on target near tank.

3979126 - $16457838Divine Halo       3214005 - $08250A80Divine Blessing Effect
Divine Halo is another one of the extra healing beside green/blue/big heal. Each holy damage spell build up 1 stack of Divine Blessing effect which increase the damage of Condemnation. When it reaches 5 stacks you gain Divine Halo and periodically heals the lowest health teammate, each heal for 200+(Crit 400+) and consumes 1 stack, Divine Halo end if you have no Divine Blessing stack remains, so you need to keep attacking to keep Divine Halo alive. A very useful distance heal imo.

3214009 - $0825DA5CHoly Cleansing
Passively increase the Divine Halo healings by 50%. +60% Poison resist +3300 Unholy Protection +1650 Elemental/Holy Protection for 10sec for whole group. All allies (including pets) also inflict periodic holy damage on nearby enemies for the 10sec duration of the spell. The damage increases substantially if has Divine Halo running. Additionally it reset the cooldown of Condemnation and grants the Pom Holy Strom effect which mean your Condemnation is ready when you pop Holy Cleansing. The best timing to use Holy Cleansing is right after a Condemnation but you need to make sure you already have Divine Halo running and everyone in group is standing next to the enemies, so aoe on everyone can aoe everything nearby to maximize damage. For more crazy dps you can actually combine it with the buff from Blessing of Mitra. This double Condemnations in spellweaving and aoe effects can generate massive burst aoe damage within 10sec, always ready your bubble/Shield of Brilliance/Avatar of Mitra/Repulse for aggro issue in different situations. It can also regen quite alot of mana if you do it with spellweaving mana tap. It is also a good choice to save it as a protection buff for magic fight or combine with AA Shield of Brilliance when engage in pvp fight to boost group protection to level of tank.

3214030 - $082A127CSpiritual Feedback    VS   Wrath of Mitra3214034 - $082AE600
Since this is a group support build and not enough points to feat both, I would take Spiritual Feedback  rather than Wrath of Mitra, because I can get to 5 stack Spiritual Feedback quickly by casting one blue heal on 4 targets already. For solo situation just take Wrath of Mitra.

3214003 - $0824A300Glowing Radiance   VS   Holy Vengeance3214011 - $08264100
Cos this is a group support build and not enough points to feat both, I would take Glowing Radiance rather than Holy Vengeance, because Glowing Radiance is a 1 min group buff. There is no way your personal magic damage bonus from Holy Vengeance can outdps the Glowing Radiance spell/weapon bonus for whole group/raid. For solo situation just take Holy Vengeance.

3214007 - $0825739CLight of Mitra   VS   Purification of Mitra 3214025 - $082913B8
Light of Mitra is the second feat to solve mana issue of group, the best part is it also regenerates energy which enable casters to spellweave forever to do more damage. Purification of Mitra is a very unfriendly prayer for me, due to its very short range and I won’t waste my big heal at the wrong timing just for the Searing Light aoe damage.

3214026 - $08294520Revivication   +   The Light Within3214031 - $082A47F0
The Light Within enhances the Revivication with Light of Mitra or Purification of Mitra effect and make the auto green heal group wide when Pom getting hit. It is a very time saving feat cos the fully feated Light of Mitra duration is 9 sec, and Revivication triggers every 10sec. So you will enjoy 24/7 auto green heal and mana/stam/energy regen from it if you are in solo combat. However in group situation, not every group encounter has aoe damage to let it triggers, so you still need to green heal manually sometimes. Overall still a wonderful feat to save the time to green heal and do more dps/support in both pve/pvp.

3213991 - $08223678Blessing of Mitra   +   Vengeful Blessing 3214035 - $082B191C
Prevention is always better than cure. Blessing of Mitra +20 damage deflection on one friendly target for 10sec, a very useful shield on tank and reduce healing pressure. Enhanced by Vengeful Blessing can +100% Weapon Damage/+25% Base Spell Damage on yourself and target. Use it at the start of the fight can greatly increase initial aggro for tank but it not necessary to be a tank only. When tanking/healing is not a problem, you can probably save it as damage buff for your own Holy Cleansing burst or use it on top dpser who can benefit from melee/magic damage. Also a very good shield for aoe class to push in pvp, combined with AA Shield of Brillance (+20 damage deflection 12sec group-wide), even a mage can be a tank.

3213994 - $0822D19CCleansing Fire    +   Sacred Fire 3214018 - $0827AAB0
Cleansing Fire(CF) with Sacred Fire is a cone area damage over time(dot). Pair with Mitra’s Searing Eye(MSE) in order to get an instant mana free Scared Smite for more overall dps. It makes MSE rotation worth to use rather than spamming smite. Sacred Fire must be fully feated to extend the dot duration to 9sec, so you can have time buffer to do something else between CF and MSE but not forced to use 3sec cast time MSE immediately after CF. Additionally, Sacred Fire dot will splash in spellweaving, so in multiple targets fight, each dot on enemies will splash around the enemies nearby and doing high aoe damage. Remember to position your angle to hit every mob on sight. Its concept really has no different with Holy Cleansing dot except the dots are on enemies side and tick every 2sec. Therefore, spellweaving is a very important skill for Pom to output more than double dps in multiple targets fight.

3214020 - $08281460Mitra’s Searing Eye   +   Scared Smite3534997 - $08575D94
Mitra’s Searing Eye is a 3 sec column damage spell for multiple targets, you need to start casting MSE when target still has at least 3 sec Sacred Fire dot in order to catch up a mana free instant Scared Smite. Scared Smite is a reduced damage(-50%) Smite, effect duration is 5sec, so use it ASAP after MSE. Overall dps of CF+MSE+Sacred Smite rotation is better than spamming Smite. Moreover, Rebuke+CF+MSE+Rebuke+Sacred Smite is the fastest way(4.5sec-5sec) to gain Divine Halo for extra healing.

3533087 - $0853EA48Eye of Penance
Renew like 70mana per rank for each target affected by MSE, actually not for the mana regen but enable the mana burn ability for Pom.


Usage & Rotation:

Usually start with a Wave of Life(blue heal) on group to get x5 Spiritual Feedback, then your Holy Accession/Holy Strom will be triggered in anytime. Always renew blue heal every 15 sec to keep Spiritual Feedback up.

Then I always priority the skills as below situations:

  1. Avert Thine Eyes << -15% holy/unholy Spiritual Ruin, debuff first if target doesn’t yet.
  2. Rebuke << A quick 0.5 sec cast time damage spell (2.5sec recast if maxed AA), also a -5% holy/unholy wrack debuff which can stack up to x2 (-10%).
  3. Condemnation << Best damage skill, always use it as soon as you see a Holy Strom effect yellow ring particle around you since Holy Strom cannot trigger more than once every 15sec. If Holy Strom doesn’t trigger for long, it means you forget to blue heal!!
  4. MSE Rotation << Always remember to add Rebuke into MSE rotation because Rebuke is a fast dps/debuff. Rebuke+CF+MSE+Rebuke+Sacred Smite is the fastest way (4.5sec-5sec with Improved Rebuke AA maxed) to gain Divine Halo for extra healing.
  5. Lance of Mitra << Extra healing, should prioritize it first and keep it on cooldown when tank is getting low. Damage of Lance of Mitra is higher than Smite if you feated Holy Conviction.
  6. Emanatio of Life (Green heal)  <<  If the encounter is solo or has aoe damage, you probably don’t need to cast it at all, The Light Within will auto do it for you. Actually blue heal+Divine Halo+Lance should able to heal up any decent tank already. If you are pro enough you can run into enemies’ aoe for sec to trigger your green heal.
  7. Smite <<  Only use it when everything is on cooldown unless you are doing knockback with Mitra’s Thunder in spellweaving.

Skill depend on situations:

  • Spellweaving (SW) <<  Always spellweave whenever there is more than two targets on sight or when you can stay on a spot for 10sec. In order to turn Condemnation/Sacred Fire into aoe spell.
  • Spellweaving (Arcane Renewal)  <<  Renew 6 points of Energy per sec for 6.5sec. It is really hard for a divinity Pom with Light of Mitra to have energy issue. Just use it when no other option available.
  • Spellweaving (Arcane Surge) <<  Spell inflict Max damage for 10sec. Just use it when you need damage.
  • Spellweaving (Mitra’s Grace)  <<  +15% Mana Tap for 15sec. Actually it is impossible for a divinity Pom with Holy Accession/Light of Mitra/Pot running to have mana issue unless you get Ether Drain from SW or the boss has mana drain. Just use it when no other option available.
  • Spellweaving (Mitra’s Thunder)  <<  Empowers your Smite/Rebuke with knockback effect for 20sec. Extremely useful to control CC-able adds, the only reason to spam Smite. You can fully disable/interrupt up to two adds by Rebuke>Tab>Smite>Tab>Rebuke>Tab>Smite>Repeat. Very useful to handle encounter such as Sheng-Runner, Thoth-Overlord, HollowKnight-Artifact. It also makes you possible to solo a CC-able epic mob.
  • Spellweaving (Benvolence of Mita)  << +15 Damage Deflection for 10sec. Use it to survive longer when you predict you are going to take aggro from boss or massive of trash.
  • Radiance (Big Heal) << Since there is a Glowing Radiance group damage buff on it, it is better to use it first when tanks starting to drop hp rather than using deflection tools to shield them.
  • Blessing of Mitra << Start using it on tank when they are around 70% hp, if the tank has hate problem just use it at start to boost his damage. When healing is not a problem, save it as damage buff for your own burst or use it on top dpser who can benefit from both melee/magic damage.
  • Litany of Protection/Shield of Brilliance << Same as Blessing of Mitra but group-wide and without damage buffs (Affect group members only not raid), start using it on tank when they are around 70% hp. Can combined with Blessing of Mitra to give one member 40% damage deflection for 10sec but it is better to use it after Blessing of Mitra to create a 20sec 20% damage deflection state. Good to use it when whole group is going to take heavy aoe damage.
  • Holy Cleansing  <<  Use it when tank has steady aggro already unless you want to use it as a goad to help off-tanking with bubble. Best to use it right after a Condemnation for a double Condemnation but make sure you already have Divine Halo running and everyone is next to the enemies. In theory the highest aoe burst of divinity Pom should be SW>Condemnation>CF>Blessing of Mitra>Holy Cleansing>Condemnation>MSE Rotation>Lance of Mitra??? For magical/poison fights, you can also use it as a protection buff for tanks.
  • Armor of Faith  <<  +1500 Armor (+2250 if fully feated) -15% Unholy resist, always use it like 4hours buff unless the fight is heavy unholy/ fully magical.


Skills of Divinity Pom always have two sides. You cannot have a mind to classify  yourself as a DPS or Heal. DPS/Heal/Support is possible to go at the same time, just practice more and think more when to use your tools at best timing. Thank for reading, end with my Pom wallpaper XD. If anything here is wrong just tell me to correct!


Henryx – Priest of Mitra Wallpaper (2560×1440)

Just a random parse in a 6man, try to understand your damage/healing sources.


Below are more variations of my build for different purposes.













3 thoughts on “Henryx’s Priest of Mitra Divinity Build

  1. Paul C

    This incredible exhaustive article has helped us a lot. Now, my daughter and son keep on asking me questions about combos and abilities on other toons, how to use them alternately to solve major quests, but my knowledge is very limited. I liked very much how you describe the entire tree and foliage of PoM, But my question is if you have written about the Ranger or Bear Shaman, for instance ––in fact about the rest of the fascinating AoC personages.


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