DreamWalker Watch and Answer Giveaway!


I walk in the DreamWorld, I am the DreamWalker.

<<<< DreamWalker Watch and Answer Giveaway! >>>>

* Leave your ingame ID with any instance name which appeared in this video in comment. (Crom Server only)
* Then you may win one item of the below:

– [Shard of the Exiled God]
– [Heater-Shield of the Fallen Empire]
– [Fellhammer of the Sanguine Disciple]
– [Unlimited Morph : Kyllikki]
– [Fleet Hyrkanian Riding Camel]
– [Cache of the First Dark Templar]
– [Cache of the First Guardian]
– [30Gold]

All winners and prizes will be announced in two weeks and send through ingame mail!!

witchavenThis Giveaway is sponsored by Witchaven.


Update 14/01/2017: Winners are out !!!

Thanks for the 34 players who took part in my DreamWalker Giveaway and the winners are listed below !! I will send the gifts through ingame mail :) There maybe a DreamWalker 2 Giveawy soon :P

Lionhearrt – 30G
Seknetari – Shard of the Exiled God
Musical – Unlimited Morph: Kyllikki
Sastrixx – Fellhammer of the Sanguine Disciple
Kingslyer – Fleet Hyrkanian Riding Camel
Madcyrus – Heater-shield of the Fallen Empire
Sairat – Cache of the First Dark Templar
Scoutss – Cache of the First Guardian


2 thoughts on “DreamWalker Watch and Answer Giveaway!

  1. smashem

    great video henryx alot of spots i havent seen in a long time …alot of khopshef province which was always visually stunning …great job


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