Necromancer Grinding


So many years I cannot see a Necromancer does some efficiency grinding in game. Is Demonologist’s brainless wave of flame the only way to grind as a mage?

In this post, I want to share the potential of Necromancer in grinding. No worry, I am not gonna teach you how to use Archmage Pet/ Deathly Blizzard spell.


First of all lets talk about the advantages of Necromancer grinding.

Unlimited Number: In theory a Necromancer (necro) can pull a lot more mobs than a Demonologist(demo) since the grinding way of necro is kiting, so there is no way the mobs can surround the necro and reset due to no space around.

Army of Live and Undead: It is normal to see an undead army after a necro, but when you see they are both live and undead…..It is FUN! XD

More Movement and Skill: The pace to grind with a necro is actually more enjoyable, you dots you move you keep going, when you look back you see corpses.

AA not Required: You don’t need any AA like demo to do the grind at all.

Then I want to explain what spec make necro grinding possible.


Necro Grinding Feat

Pet selection:

To kill a group of mob, it must be able to do AOE damage. Most people will always pick up Archmage to grind with deathly blizzard spell. However a true necro use dots and he will always getting hit in fight so healing is an important issues. There is only one option remains – Blood Arcanist.

Key Feats selection: 

Master of the Dead: Let you summon Blood Arcanist.

Empower Archmage: Most damage is done by Blood Arcanist, increase its spell range to increase number of mob getting hit is necessary.

Corrupted Soul/ Night of the Harvester: Increase necro only self healing – lifestrike.

Flesh of the Wight: More protection more dots.

Plague Swarm: Using it to spread flesh to worms can faster the process a lot.

Grim Hunger/ The Devourer: To keep the whole life regen/ life tap cycle actually working, it is a must.

And here is a video demonstration of necromancer grinding

Grinding Concept:

The whole concept of the grinding cycle is like this,

Pulling mobs with short casts > Keep pulling and kiting mobs while Blood Arcanist/ dots kill them > Blood Arcanist sacrifices to heal you > Blood Arcanists health tap to heal itself when hitting massive of mobs.


Pulling with (Flesh to worms/ Mark of the devourer/ Chill/ Instant ice strike) > when enough mobs nearby stop 1 or 2 second to do a Blasphemous Ruin AOE and try to get some hits to apply Flesh to Wight on mobs but you can’t stop too long and let mobs surround you and stuck you or mobs reset. Use your LifeStrike around 70%HP, use Gangrenous stench in advance if you are really pulling like 10+mobs, it helps reduce damage receive and do much more damage. To further faster the process, do a Frost Blast/ Unimaginable Terror and follow by a plague Swarm on a mob which has Flesh to Worms dot.

*Tip for Pet*:

Sometime using guard mode on pets is much more efficiency, it ensures the pets hit the closest mob hitting you, so Blood Arcanist’s cone attacks will always hitting the main group following you but not the single mob that you are pulling. So I recommend to hotkey Pet Attack/Guard.


4 thoughts on “Necromancer Grinding

  1. Bert

    An easy way (for the lazy) is get on your tiger/horse/bear. Pop two of the 4 point aoe pets and set them to defend. Ride round and round an enormous mob letting them hit you now and again while the aoe pets do the hard work. You can clear the beguiler plateau on one go with 30+ death streak.


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