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Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer: Original Game Soundtrack/+DVD



I bought this CD/DVD from amazon in 2010, but I still want to share it with fellow aoc players. This box contains a CD, a bonus DVD and an ingame unique bone flute item key. There are four flutes with four different melodies, you unlock one of them randomly for your account after you register your key. Anyway you can buy the flutes in itemshop now.
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Akhun’s Black-chained Armor Set Review

Akhun's Black-chained Armor Set

Akhun’s Black-chained Armor Set

Looked for a good vanity set for my barbarian long time ago, finally picked this set from item shop.

The black chain on this armor really give me a feeling of cruel and violent which is  the trait of barbarian. Just want to mention that the male picture in item shop is misleading, it includes a Conan’s blademaster boots which is not in the set.

Akhun's Black-chained Armor Set1

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PVP T3 / T4 Armor Skin Comparison

I had captured the PVP T3/T4 gear models from RDB folder and mixed them together in a picture. The T4 gears aren’t confirmed officially yet, so just take a look, the ratio maybe strange but better than nothing pvpers!!! 

P.S For some reasons I cannot open the POM gears, sorry fellow POMS!



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Pet / Companion List

**Some pets are named “Pet” when they are still consumable, but they are actually “Companion” when they are consumed as a spell. The list below was created according to the actual spell name.

If anything is missed or mistaken, please tell me.

*List is long, Ctrl+F to Search*

*Last Updated on 19Aug 2016*

Acheronian Soul
[Companion:  Acheronian Soul] – From Raider Supplies@Reliquary

[Companion: Ancestral Spirit] – From Xibaluku normal mode last boss

[Companion: Aquilonian Folk Dancer(Female)] – From world boss
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The Twelve Portents – World Boss Legendary Cape Quest

The quest giver of the world boss legendary cape quest – The Astromancer is located at 848,480 in Old Tarantia. He will tell you twelve portents that he had read in the heavens. These portents seem to refer to great colossi that will appear during each monthly cycle. And I tried to do some predictions according to the portents with the testlive events and new boss icons in RDB folder, but I can only match 8 of them, there are still 13 bosses available. Maybe you can help me to match them! You can find the remaining boss icons at below :Dastromancer Continue reading