The Twelve Portents – World Boss Legendary Cape Quest

The quest giver of the world boss legendary cape quest – The Astromancer is located at 848,480 in Old Tarantia. He will tell you twelve portents that he had read in the heavens. These portents seem to refer to great colossi that will appear during each monthly cycle. And I tried to do some predictions according to the portents with the testlive events and new boss icons in RDB folder, but I can only match 8 of them, there are still 13 bosses available. Maybe you can help me to match them! You can find the remaining boss icons at below :Dastromancer

Of portents, prophecies and signs,
this turning brings us many things,
and those who face them all will find,
Rewards to match the garb of kings

Black Dragon (Conan Castle, Common District)
Black wings shall mark the passing year,
with blood and shadows on the stone,


The King of Winter (Conall’s Valley, Atzel Approach)
The Winter King spreads cold and fear,
among his snowy mountain home.


Obsidian Basilisk (Northern Grasslands, Chosain Province)
And in the narrow streets and ways,
death stalks with claws of ebony,


Serpent Man Oldblood (Dragon’s Spine)
While Oldblood seeks and finds and slays,
amongst a southern, sand dune sea.


The Thrice Drowned (Thunder River)
And where the rivers meet and flow,
The Thrice Drowned wake to seek revenge,


Ice Worm (Eiglophian Mountains, Ymir’s Pass)
And the Wyrm that is your oldest foe,
returns to battle once again.

Bat Of Nergaljune_world_boss-612x337

Spawn of Nergal (Coast of Ardashir)
Then Nergal’s spawn reviled and lost,
comes to haunt the southern shore,


Leviathus Spawn(Khopshef Province, Dragon’s Spine)
While the offspring of Leviathus,
defiles the land and sky once more.


The Black One Executioner(White Sand)
And men who read what Skelos wrote,
will know what peril stalks the Isle,


Romnant of the Lurker(Field of the Dead, Eiglophian Mountains)
And where the dead men rot and bloat,
The Lurker rises, most reviled.


Banshee Queen of Acheron (Wild Land of Zelta, Thunder River)
Seekers search the untamed wild,
to find the Queen of empires past,


Risen Inferno Lord (Kheshatta)
And searching where the ring is strongest,
face the Lord of fire at last.

Thus is written in the skies,
Twelve cycles of the orb,
As each is born then each shall die,
Their power to absorb.

skeletal serpent men queen archeronwarlord  lizard scorpionprince serpentman2  Un Nefer  zealot CustodianofYoth


8 thoughts on “The Twelve Portents – World Boss Legendary Cape Quest

  1. Caudilloo

    And men who read what Skelos wrote,
    will know what peril stalks the Isle,

    The black one executioner. White sands Isle (on Testlive event)

  2. Fass

    They are not necessarily bosses. I found 12 new companions since the caravan raider patch. They are right before the buff you get before killing the bosses.
    Mini-Pet: Serpent Man Omni-Prophet
    Mini-Pet: Forsaken Child of Yig
    Companion: War Rhino Calf
    Mini-Pet: Deep Walker
    Mini-Pet: Arch Lector
    Mini-Pet: Queen Cao-Polyphya
    Companion: Excavator
    Companion: Corrupted Handmaiden
    Mini-Pet: Custodian of Yoth
    Companion: Atlantean Shade
    Companion: Atlantean Shade (different ID)
    Mini-Pet: Osseous Abomination


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