Akhun’s Black-chained Armor Set Review

Akhun's Black-chained Armor Set

Akhun’s Black-chained Armor Set

Looked for a good vanity set for my barbarian long time ago, finally picked this set from item shop.

The black chain on this armor really give me a feeling of cruel and violent which is  the trait of barbarian. Just want to mention that the male picture in item shop is misleading, it includes a Conan’s blademaster boots which is not in the set.

Akhun's Black-chained Armor Set1

The texture of the chains is quite good, and they do sway when your character is moving.

Akhun's Black-chained Armor Set2

I love the belt with a metal dagger on it and the heavy chain wrist just shows how strong my arm is and how hard my punch will be!!!

Akhun's Black-chained Armor Set3

To match with this set, I think the Conan’s blademaster boots are the best choice. Moreover I really don’t want to make my character feel too heavy but agile, so I picked a mask instead of a metal helm.  :D

Akhun's Black-chained Armor Set4


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