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Open 96 caches from Basilisk

Yuki’s open caches video from world boss event #3 Basilisk.
Hope something fun for watchers =)

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Pet / Companion List

**Some pets are named “Pet” when they are still consumable, but they are actually “Companion” when they are consumed as a spell. The list below was created according to the actual spell name.

If anything is missed or mistaken, please tell me.

*List is long, Ctrl+F to Search*

*Last Updated on 19Aug 2016*

Acheronian Soul
[Companion:  Acheronian Soul] – From Raider Supplies@Reliquary

[Companion: Ancestral Spirit] – From Xibaluku normal mode last boss

[Companion: Aquilonian Folk Dancer(Female)] – From world boss
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“The Silver Atrium” Rise of the Godslayer Expansion Teaser Event

The Silver Atrium Event

The Silver Atrium Event

I think not many new player know what and where is The Silver Atrium, it is a very small instance from the very old expansion teaser event. Personally I love this place and the quest of the event, so want to write something to record it and share. Continue reading

Racial, Archetype and Renown Pet Quests

Renown Pet Quests

Start of the quest requires guild renown level 8.
A Settled Nomad moves to your city and offers a quest to adopt a half-tamed animal from Stygia.

Quest: A Good Home (From: Settled Nomad)
I met an ex-nomad in my home city that has three young animals: a muck snapper, a baboon, and a cheetah. She will only permit me to care for one, and even then, requires that I prove I know enough about the animal to meet its needs.
Choose one of these:
Pet: Young Baboon
Companion: Spotted Cheetah
Pet: Muck Snapper
*Repeatable. Pets are mutually exclusive. New replaces Old.
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