Open 96 caches from Basilisk

Yuki’s open caches video from world boss event #3 Basilisk.
Hope something fun for watchers =)

posted by yuki


4 thoughts on “Open 96 caches from Basilisk

  1. cynara

    Nice video! :) I got two basilisk pets, both from purple caches that dropped out of a blue cache, rather than directly from the boss. But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence; on the previous two bosses, I got the boss minipets from purple caches that dropped directly from the boss rather than from a blue cache. There aren’t two different kinds of purple caches, as you can tell by the fact that they stack together. So when you are opening a purple cache, the game doesn’t know if you got it from a blue cache or directly from the boss.

  2. Yuki Post author

    I got a few purples from previous world boss that directly purple and all were relics (was T1 & T2).. soo was thinking might something different directly or from blue. but seem nothing different.. Thank you for the replying and grats mini basi for you too =D


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