Understanding Crowd Control (CC) and Immunity

Crowd Control (or CC)

Crowd Control is a term referring to all means used to control enemies position and movement. It is mainly used to prevent enemies from attacking one player or his group, or to prevent enemies from moving, kiting and fleeing.

There are two divisions of  Crowd Control in Age of Conan:

  • Major Crowd Control – where the character is completely incapacitated. (Stun, Fear, Charm, Knockback)
  • Minor Crowd Control – where only some aspects of character control is impacted. (Root, Snare, Silence)

Major Crowd Control Rules:


As the crowd control in this category include the more powerful varieties, after any player is affected by a Stun, Fear, Charm there will be applied to the player a 3 second global immunity (Recently Impaired) to all forms of Major Crowd Control (Stun, Fear, Charm or Knockback). After Knockback this will be 5 seconds from when the animation starts, because Knockback cannot be broken by anti-cc (so after the animation ends it will be roughly 3 seconds). With the exception of knockback, this 3 second immunity takes affect after the crowd control effect ends, regardless of the means by which the it does so (naturally expires, via cc-break, etc). This 3 second global immunity will be in addition to other type-specific immunities which may possibly be conferred.

In addition, the Major Crowd Control affects have been made mutually exclusive with each other, so that a player cannot be affected by one Major Crowd Control while he is under the influence of another. Note this does not apply to Minor Crowd Control effects.

So for example, a player may be Feared, Rooted and Snared. But he cannot be Stunned until after the Fear has ended (since both Stun and Fear are Major Crowd Control), and of course also until after the 3 second Major Crowd Control global immunity has worn off. But during any of this time, a Silence may be applied, since Silence is not a Major Crowd Control ability.

Minor Crowd Control Rules:


Snare, root and silence can always be cross-stacked with each other as Minor Crowd Control are the less potent varieties and no combination of them will completely incapacitate the character.

In the Minor Crowd Control category only Root and Silence confers global major CC immunity(Recently Impaired), and Snare only confers an immunity to its own type. In my experience, some specific minor CC do not follow the rule, but you can identify them by checking they have the 3 seconds global major CC immunity or not.


Major Crowd Control – Stun 

Stun is the most simple cc that completely incapacitate target, target who is stunned cannot move, cast anything and drink potion.

*Stunned effect can be removed by CC break abilities.

Major Crowd Control – Fear

Fear completely incapacitates target like stun, but instead of stand still on one spot, the feared target will running away in random directions slowly and the screen of  feared player will be rotated randomly. 

*Feared effect can be removed by CC break abilities.

Major Crowd Control – Knockback

Target affected by knockback is thrown back to the ground, making some space between the initiator of the knockback and its victims. It will also give a couple seconds of respite while the targets get themselves back on their feet. Knockback is the most powerful CC, besides completely incapacitates target, you can also knockback the target into the direction you want, and the only way to counter-knockback is resistance, there is no CC break on knockback, knockbacked target is completely disabled until the animation ends(roughly 3 seconds).

*Knockback effect cannot be removed by CC break abilities. Knockbacked target stuck in animation for roughly 3 seconds.

Major Crowd Control – Charm

Charm is a special CC from boss in PVE , target who is charmed is completely incapacitated and he will attack friendly target randomly. Also charmed target will become red colour to his group members, which mean charmed target can be damaged/killed by group members’ attack or aoe.

*Charmed effect cannot be removed by CC break abilities and there is no immunity for charm.


Minor Crowd Control – Root

Root prevents an enemy from moving. Targets affected by root will be unable to walk, run, jump and turn, but they can still do combo, cast and drink potion. A common technique when using root on other players consist of getting behind the rooted target.  It is impossible to cast a spell or hit an enemy who is behind you (except aoe), however mobs don’t have any trouble hitting people behind their back.

*Rooted effect can be removed by CC break abilities.

Minor Crowd Control – Silence

Silence prevents an enemy from casting any spells. All spell icons will turn gray when you are silenced. If you are silenced when casting a spell, it will be interrupted. Your movement and combo will not affected by silence effect.

*Silenced effect cannot be removed by CC break abilities.

Minor Crowd Control – Snare

Snare reduces the moving speed of the target. The maximum snare effect is now 60% Hinder Movement from a crowd control spell. Any additional effect will still stack on top of this.

*Snared effect can be removed by CC break abilities.


Special Crowd Control – Stagger

Stagger reduces the moving speed of the target like snare, but it can be only triggered when you hit a target from his back. The special point is that you cannot remove staggered effect by CC break ability, staggered effect is always 4 seconds and staggered target will get 15 seconds stagger immunity.

*Staggered effect cannot be removed by CC break abilities.
*You cannot be Staggered while affected by a Snare.


Special Crowd Control – Interrupt

Interrupts the target’s current action, combo and spell.

*There is no interrupt immunity.

Special Crowd Control – Momentum

Momentum is an 5 seconds effect when you double-tap forward, it gives your melee attacks a high chance of stunning target. Usually double-tap before the last step of combo for higher chance to stun the target.


Special Crowd Control – Mezz Shot

Mezz Shot is a stun when ranger shoots a target from stealth, it doesn’t do any damage but a 10 seconds stun on target, any damage on the target will break the stun effect. It does gives target stun immunity.

*Mezz Shot effect can be removed by CC break abilities.


Special Crowd Control – Bruised Body / Broken Bones

Bruised Body is the movement speed penalty when you fall from high place.  You will get Broken Bones instead of  Bruised Body if you fall from a much higher place. A rogue with mountaineer feat will get a much shorter penalty and receive less fall damage, so jumping can be a technique when a mountaineer is kiting or fleeing. 

BruisedBody_Broken Bones


Crowd Control Immunity

CC Immunity is not that important in PVE side because immunity won’t apply on mobs, so you can CC lock a mob forever and immunity/CC break usually don’t work on the CC from PVE boss. However learning the icons of CC immunity is very important in PVP side, to make sure you are landing the right one and not wasting your CC abilities, a good CC can save/destroy a life. 

Icons of Major CC Immunity:majorcc

Icons of Minor CC Immunity:Icons of Minor CC Immunity

The duration of CC immunity is not fixed, it is variable depend on the CC abilities and how long you are cced, the longer time you got cced the longer CC immunity you will get.

The other way to get CC immunity is from CC break abilities. You will get a few seconds of CC immunity after activate CC break, therefore you can use a CC break ability to gain immunity before/when enemy is casting the CC , so the CC will be resisted and your action won’t be interrupted. Gain immunity in advance is a much advanced way to anti-CC rather than break it after you take the CC, but it does requires good prediction,reaction and latency .


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