Spellweaving Ability


Spellweaving is a special ability to boost casters damage and give them special abilities such as extra cc, aoe. Once caster go into spellweaving state, the caster will be rooted, lose energy over time and get a x1 stack spellweaving buff which increase their spells’ critical chance, critical damage, splash radius and splash damage. The longer time in spellweaving the higher stack bonus you can get, max is x6 stack. However, spellweaving also gives you detrimental effects like mana drain, reduced resistance when you stay too long in it.

Since spellweaving removes your energy and health eventually, sometimes casters can use it as a method to kill himself to unstuck or back to rezpad.

The four casters that can spellweaving are Demonologist, Necromancer, Priest of Mitra and Tempest of Set.

Demonologist abilities:


Necromancer abilites:


Priest of Mitra abilites:


Tempest of Set abilites:



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