Henryx’s “Guardian of Mitra” Vanity Set


Guardian of Mitra

After some mix and match, I finally worked out a best vanity set for my pom. And I had named this set as “Guardian of Mitra” :P. The key of this set are three main pieces from Iron Tower, they are very handsome and the icons on armors are really match with pom.


“Guardian of Mitra” Set


Half Body

I love the icon of Mitra on the chest piece so much, and the red/blue colors are matching with the pom raid gears perfectly.
**(I still missing a T3 bracers and I used a T2 silver color bracers in the pictures, T3 gold color bracers would be perfect)


Zoom in

This is the best helm in game so far imo, but it is really hard to find other gears to match with it.


Casting with shield and hammer



Mitra Power!!!!


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