4.3 Class Balance Tweaks Update + Morphs PVP Fun


Finally the 4.3 Class Balance Tweaks Update arrived today, before the server down I did a minigame to celebrate. Can’t believe I still have to deal with the two infamous lame classes – necro and ranger. Every time I see these classes I will just facepalm, and I know my team will focus the tanks and let them pewpewpew.

This match I just go full reaver, gonna kill the dam cowards classes hard with my rage and raped hard too :/  Goodbye “Taking the Shot” and  “41sec Flesh to Worms”, it is the last match I have to bear such pain. I hope this tweaks can at least stop the easy kills leech behavior and give melee classes a second to breath, but it doesn’t enough yet. Looking forward to see more tweaks in the future, it is obvious that ranger still need a bit more tweaks imo.

On the other hand, the morphs speed buff is a fun thing and actually a huge buff to mages and healers. It just make the sprint and energy system meaningless. However, when I playing with the morphs, I found that I really enjoy the pace of such speed. But for the balance of the game, it should be fixed.




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