The Path of Herald of Xotli

The Path of Herald of XotliWhat will you choose on the path of Herald of Xotli? Avatar?Possession?

I had tried both sides. If you ask me which side to play with in PVE/PVP, I would definitely pick Avatar on both side.

I am absolutely a fan of melee, I always believe speed is the best thing in attack/defense. The fast pace of melee is the best rhythm in Age of Conan, stand still to cast? ….zzzzZZZZ You should play a demo….

Herald of XotliHerald of Xotli

Another reason for me to play Avatar is I just can’t resist the charm of the impression of flame weaver. Fiery weapon, transformation, burning all the foes in front of you into dust and spreading the flame of nightmare to everyone!!!!!! WAKAKAKAKA

hoxspecAfter the Hox revamp, avatar receive an extra free stun from avatar of xolti, get back instant root, no more speed restriction on cloak and increased damage fire lance. Such changes really make me excited and make me reconsider to play an Avatar.

I worked out a gvg avatar spec if you are interest to try, you can watch the video above to see my pvp2 hox performance. I just got my T4 sword last night, wow…huge difference from T2. What I desire from this spec is “swift & burst”. I really don’t want to cast so many skills that have cast time between combos, so I just spend points for instant root/debuff. MSS is never my choice of debuff in PVP, every sec you touching the enemy is precious, bursting them with highest damage within shortest time is the way to go. Every time I push with my pvp2 Hox I am having a mind of no return :P  Burn to death is not that hard to land if you cover yourself with interrupt/root ahead. Fire lance is a must !! COS IT LOOKS FUKING HANDSOME XD. PILLAR? never tired to watch its animation and finish off enemy at low health.

Best AA feat for Avatar must be Red Shadows of Xolti, almost 80% of time is transformed, nothing is more practical than it. Prince of Terror has really terrible damage but it is not gonna work when everywhere is cc, sustained dps from Red Shadows is alot better.

Herald of Xotli

Herald of Xotli Wallpaper in 4K


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