TestLive PVP Events

Finally some new PVP content, I had recorded some of them in testlive server and want to make some short comments.

Arenas of Death

‘A part of the playfield will be considered to be an ‘Arena of Death’. When the event is active you will receive an ‘Arena Gladiator’ buff while in this area. You will score points by making kills of other players with the ‘Arena Gladiator’ buff and for each full minute you survive without leaving the arena area.
The first player to a set number of points will be declared the winner of the arena.’

Before this arena thing start, we had no idea what was going on there at all. People just grouped up and killing around. So when it was started it just became a zerg, people in raid group just gank the alone players. The first player who get 40kills first will be the winner and it was a guardian. I think the number of group member should be limited or disable grouping. Putting the rez pad outside the arenas should be a good choice to avoid pad camping inside and give chance for people to leave.

IMO Arena Caravanserai is good for melee cos it is pretty flat and simple while Arena Pashtun is good for range to jump around different rooftop.

Arena : Caravanserai

Arena : Caravanserai

Arena : Pashtun

Arena : Pashtun

Smuggler’s Run

‘When this event is active you will be able to talk with the Package Master who will give you a quest to deliver a number of packages. Interacting with this NPC will also provide you with a buff ‘package’ this buff will be removed if you die or zone and blocks the use of local travel and mounts. If you manage to reach the Smuggler’s Wagon then you will be able to interact with him to deliver one of your packages. The first player to deliver all the packages wins the event.
While this event is active the player who kills (kill being determined by the killing blow) the most other players with the ‘package’ buff running will also be declared the winner.’

Quest requires delivery 5 packages from Package Master at Bubshur to Smuggler’s Wagon at treasury of the ancient. It was already late when I got into a group to try the delivery, but I did delivered one special package to smuggler’s wagon successfully. I love this event most cos I love moving in open world with my army, its epic!! but not trapped in an arena. Somehow a group of people was camping at the wagon to get kills, maybe its better choice to win.

My group delivering package

My group delivering package

Fields of Slaughter

‘This is basically a king of the hill event. A static flag will become active in a certain part of the map and whoever has claim over that flag at the end of a certain time period will be declared the winning team. To claim the flag you need to interact with it for a certain duration.
Credit is given to the winning team, so while you can join a raid only the team of 6 who claimed the flag will be declared the winners.
Interacting with the flag while under the effects of any sort of immunity ‘bubble’ will not be possible.
It is possible for multiple Field of Slaughter points to be active at the same time.’

The first one I played was in Arena Pashtun, it just like Arena of Death with a flag and zerg ruined it. The second one at Bubshur Bay, water-bubble and still zerg.

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