Steam – “Crush Your Enemies” Pack

Crush Your Enemies Pack

People may wonder if this pack can apply on existing account or not. Yes it can apply on existing but not a new one only. You will get a code in steam and you can register it in account page.


Age of Conan: Unchained – Crush Your Enemies includes:

  • Reaver’s Steed – A fast and cool looking horse which can be used as a mount right from the start.
  • Four powerful starter armor sets – These Epic Pirate armors can be used straight away and each have different bonuses.
  • Strong beginner weapons – Five types of weapons which all do great damage and give a slight increase to both experience gain and fatality chance!
  • Ten experience potions which increase XP gain when defeating enemies by 100% for 12 hours.
  • One month of Membership.

Actually this pack is good for starters only. If you want to collect account wide mounts and vanity sets, it may still good for you. But AOC is region locked in steam, I need to find guildies from USA and buy it as a gift for me.

I had took some pictures of them:


Buccaneer set



Marauder set



Pirate set



Swashbuckler set


Reaver's Steed

Reaver’s Steed (Can use at lv1, speed is slow)


2 thoughts on “Steam – “Crush Your Enemies” Pack

  1. Kakahu

    I see on the Steam store page it says: “This product only works on accounts created through Steam.” Is that true? Or does it actually work on old accounts created before the game was released on steam?


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