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Henryx’s The Fire Within Gallery Collection

Finally get a good fire particle effect that match my taste in The Fire Within video. However, my right hand was injured yesterday and cannot click mouse at all Q_Q, so I won’t able to finish it and gaming in short. Enjoy my few work in progress shots!!

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Herald of Xotli: Origin Gallery Collection


I always have some illusions on Heralds of Xotli. Their mysterious god and alien sorcery are charming but also fearful. Their skill descriptions are very attractive and also show they are actually human body but with horsepower inside.

Herald of Xotli – The result of demonology that went beyond the realms of hell and earth and out into the cold empty wastes beyond the realm of existence, they now faithfully serve Xotli, a demon-god of the Elder Night and an entity even the Atlanteans learned to fear.

Hell Strikes – This flourish of deadly blows can cut a man to pieces. No human can deliver blows with such force in so short a time; they are powered by demonic might.

Pillar of Infernal Flame – Using their sword as their focus, they stab it into the earth at their feet and call forth the fires of hell in a great pillar of flame.
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Henryx’s The Jade Citadel Gallery Collection

The Jade Citadel, the mysterious place that dominates the Paikang skyline, and is home to the Emperor himself. A beautiful place that full of horrific enemies, the dark legion army in first encounter already gave me a great first impression that it is not an easy task to defeat the might of empire. Once I got into the palace area, the light of sunset and atmosphere told me this corrupted empire is declining, awaits heroes to overthrow the God Emperor and find out the truth in Khitai. T414 Continue reading

Henryx’s Dragon’s Spine Gallery Collection

As a fan of Age of Conan’s artworks for many years, I can see the design of Dragon’s Spine is different from the old worlds. The most distinct part is the sky, you can see there are many gradations between the sky and clouds but not just a fog in old worlds. When the light of sun goes through the layers, the colour is just amazing. Especially at the magic hour, the scenes are incredibly charming and brilliant.

The atmosphere and architecture of the map is so great that I cannot stop taking screenshots. Even there are only rocks and woods, it already makes me charmed. Compare with Khitai, I think Dragon’s Spine has a lower fantasy level design on lighting and climate system, and the chain of undulating ridges and hills is much more complicated. When you running around in the map you can feel the mood of ancient civilizations and excavations everywhere. I tried to capture such feeling in my Dragon’s Spine Gallery Collection, and I think i did it! Please enjoy the timeless moments from my journey :D

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