Herald of Xotli: Origin Gallery Collection


I always have some illusions on Heralds of Xotli. Their mysterious god and alien sorcery are charming but also fearful. Their skill descriptions are very attractive and also show they are actually human body but with horsepower inside.

Herald of Xotli – The result of demonology that went beyond the realms of hell and earth and out into the cold empty wastes beyond the realm of existence, they now faithfully serve Xotli, a demon-god of the Elder Night and an entity even the Atlanteans learned to fear.

Hell Strikes – This flourish of deadly blows can cut a man to pieces. No human can deliver blows with such force in so short a time; they are powered by demonic might.

Pillar of Infernal Flame – Using their sword as their focus, they stab it into the earth at their feet and call forth the fires of hell in a great pillar of flame.

Here is a Herald of Xotli video created from my imaginations. I have no idea on the origin of Hox actually, so don’t believe me!!!!!

Watch their combo animations carefully and you will find they are using their physical body into max potential, and the bursts are huge and quick. Their attack movements are very clean and not fancy like other classes. Add with the hell fire around them nobody can resist to play a Herald of Xotli !!!

origin2 origin5origin12 origin7  origin18 origin19   origin14 origin1 origin4 origin9origin13 origin17origin10 origin22origin11 origin6 origin8 origin3 origin15 origin20 origin21


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