2014 “Thirst of the Serpent God” Halloween Rewards

Thirst of the Serpent God

Completing the 2014 Halloween quest “Thirst of the Serpent God”, you can turn in your Marks of Sacrifice for ‘Crate of Random Oddities’ which is tradable. If you missed the event you can still buy the crate from trader.


Here are the stuffs that pop from the crate:


Festival Mask of Rituals


Festival Mask of Offering


Festival Mask of Fear

Festival Mask of Sacrifice

Festival Mask of Sacrifice


Festival Mask of Bloodshed

Festival Mask of Danger

Festival Mask of Danger

Swift Stygian Festival Stallion

Swift Stygian Festival Stallion (Swift, -35 chance of being staggered)


Sacrificial Blade (Self Kill, 10mins cooldown)

"Disciple of Set" Vanity set

“Disciple of Set” Vanity set

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy


4 thoughts on “2014 “Thirst of the Serpent God” Halloween Rewards

  1. Kakahu

    It should be noted that it appears these boxes will not drop the Masks or the Mount if your character has not completed the event questline.

    1. Kakahu

      Wow Henry, I can’t believe I never responded last year to your comment. I had opened 20 boxes on my DT who had not completed the quest yet, and I never received a mask or the mount. After doing the quest, the DT received all items within 28 boxes. On my necro, I did the quest first and had all masks and mount in 18 boxes. My BS took 30 boxes to receive all items. I should note I received quite a few duplicate mounts, and only 1 duplicate mask in all those boxes.

      I imagine the 20 boxes on the DT prior to the quest was enough to show that the masks and mount will not drop. I never had close to a run that large of bad luck on any other character.


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