Henryx’s ROTG Mega Mix – Might of the East


People always complain I did so few Khitai video stuffs. So this time I mixed my old and new videos in the past four years into a Mega Rise of the Godslayer Expansion Mix. Isn’t it too late for an expansion released four years ago? Yes it is :P. Actually I want to make it to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Age of Conan, but I just don’t have the time to do it months before.

The Gateway

The Gateway

Khitai – The home of AOC players in the past four years. Remember the first time I stepped into this kingdom of east and passing through the gateway to Khitai. I was so amazed by the architecture of the great wall and the momentum of the Last Legion army. It was speechless to see the boundless grassland and the lively nature, combined with the wonderful lighting/shadow system of DreamWorld engine. It was just EPIC. However, the part that charms me the most is the constantly changing atmosphere and climate system. I had written this in my player spotlight Q/A in 2011, “Not necessary to do anything special, already having a great time running around with my horse in there. It is a joy to discover different faces of the land and taking screenshots”.

Up to now, it is still a joy for me to do so. I believe no player in AOC can clearly know the face of Khitai, because the face of Khitai is unlimited.

Red Forest

Red Forest


Pin Pin

Many people asked me “Do you work for Funcom?” “Did Funcom pay you anything?”

No, I do it with my own will and I can tell you guys players in spotlight won’t get a lifetime account. Actually Age of Conan is a good place for me to visualize my imaginations on music. And I used to record my first kill on different encounters, that’s why you can see most of my boss fight videos are not a perfect run. The first kills are always full of difficulty and uncertainty but with the greatest passion and joy. I can’t believe 780+ people subscribed my youtube channel and I doubt that if it has such number of players still playing this game. Thank you for all the people who loved my videos and played conan because of it, this game deserves more players!!! 

Yuki and me

Yuki and me

At last, special thanks to my super sin Yuki for helping in the video!!! And the epic T4 fights from Requiem Nex and Rogue Angels!!!!

Everyone watch my new video and join the Path of Godslayer!!! Make sure you know that it is not a new game! It is just a four years old game content still charming in my eyes.


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