Breast Enlarging VS Breast Enlarging (XL)

Breast Enlarging (XL) from Gilding Vendor

I think some people should be interest to know how is the new breast enlarging (XL) effect selling at Gilding Vendor. So I just took a few screenshots for it and make a comparison.

Breast Enlarging Comparison

I found that the size between Enlarging and Enlarging (XL) is really close, but the (XL) just develops your breast a bit more horizontally instead of vertically.

Below are some info of the skills:

Breast Enlarging: Duration 1 hour, Cooldown 2 hours, Price: 3 Veteran tokens

Breast Enlarging (XL): Duration 1 hour, Cooldown 1 hours, Price: 10 Tokens of Gilding




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