Grey Leopard’s Social Set Review

greyleopardset2Grey Leopard’s Set, the armor that worn by King Conan himself. A legendary social set which only has a rare chance to drop from the “Hoard of Destiny” chest in item shop.

Hoard of Destiny



grey leopard cacheIf you are lucky enough, you will get a Grey Leopard’s Cache from Hoard of Destiny which is tradable or you can buy it from trader. Opening it will grant you the full set of Grey Leopard.

Below are some ingame pictures of the set:GreyLeopard1 GreyLeopard2Actually this set is a gold version of Last Legion helm + T4 Indomitable Souls. Shiny Shiny~ Feeling like a king when you wear it.GreyLeopard3GreyLeopard4GreyLeopard5GreyLeopard6

And I had made two wallpapers for it !! XDGreyLeopard7GreyLeopard8


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