Legendary cloaks new visual effects?


Dreamed for power gears with particle effect for long time, cannot believe it really happens!!

I checked on the legendary cloaks today and found the cloaks were updated with a new visual effect. They all have a different name but I wonder if they are same effect actually. Although it is just a short effect after you make a killing blow, but I already can’t wait to see it!! Will we have legendary weapons with badass pacticle effects soon???

I don’t know if it is possible or not, just a suggestion to funcom – ADD VISUAL EFFECT BUFF INTO CRAFTING REVAMP!!!!!!!! It will be really really funny to have item customization like this and it will make Age of Conan much special.


3 thoughts on “Legendary cloaks new visual effects?

  1. Haarax

    Nooo! Look at what wow did, sparkly horses, lighning on weapons and pink flashing lights on your shield.. A very small particle effect is okey,for a legendary item,

  2. Haarax

    Bah, the latest world boss was the last nail in the coffin for me. Instances are constantly full and it’s all about luck. I only compleated it on 2 instead of 5 charracters this time. Not fun!


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