Hair-dye Color List

Same as hairstyles, you can only choose the hair colors from your race at creation of character. However after you leave Tortage, You can change the color to whichever you like =) Hair-dye merchant at :

  • Aqulonian (Old Tarantia 797,517)
  • Cimmerian (Conarch Village 358, 526)
  • Stygian (Khemi 1203, 822)
  • Khitan (Chosain Province 984, 805)

Price : 15 silvers for each hair-dye Color name and the merchant are listed in the picture below. *Color might be different according to your monitor setting. Hair Colors

Update 4.4:

Five new hair dye colors at Gilding Vendors and one from itemshop:

  • Old Tarantia (966, 660)
  • Conarch Village (228, 467)
  • Khemi (820, 1129)

Adamantium Grey – 8 Token of Gilding
Coral Pink – 6 Token of Gilding
Dragon Glass – 8 Token of Gilding
Frost White – 6 Token of Gilding
Heart of Fire – From “Hoard of the First Raider” in itemshop
Hyperborean Ice Blue – 12 Token of Gilding

It’s only a sample. Hair colors can be different on different hairstyle even use same color-dye. hairdyes_diff

Find your favorite color =)

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