Henryx’s The Jade Citadel Gallery Collection

The Jade Citadel, the mysterious place that dominates the Paikang skyline, and is home to the Emperor himself. A beautiful place that full of horrific enemies, the dark legion army in first encounter already gave me a great first impression that it is not an easy task to defeat the might of empire. Once I got into the palace area, the light of sunset and atmosphere told me this corrupted empire is declining, awaits heroes to overthrow the God Emperor and find out the truth in Khitai. T414 T411 T418 T415 T49 T413 T410 T416 T419 T420 T421 T422 T47 T423 T44 T43 T48 T425 T424 T46 T42 T45 T41 T412  


2 thoughts on “Henryx’s The Jade Citadel Gallery Collection

  1. Haarax

    If you still have these pics, and the ones from dragonspine, in thier original resolution i’d really appreciate a download link. =)


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