Riding a Yothian War-Mare


I think people may want to know how the new mount of Dragon’s Spine looks like, so made a video to show it.

This mount is actually too shaky to ride, especially when sprinting. Make sure you are not easy to feel dizzy and vomit before purchasing! HAHA
p.s. You cannot attack or cast anything on a Yothian War Mare.

It costs 1080 funcom points for free player, 972 points for premium player.

One thought on “Riding a Yothian War-Mare

  1. anonymous

    Really appreciate this – been looking forward to seeing a War Mare since I started playing AoC a month ago, but none seems to use them in game and I hadn’t found anything by googling/youtube search. Awesome blog btw; the mount overview with all the Hyrkanian horses is particularly cool.


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