Racial Dance Quests

Racial Dances

Racial Dances

Before the release of Renown system, each race can only have its own race dance.
And now we can learn other races’ dances from dance masters across the world, it is a level reward when your guild reach Renown lv 9.

Quest givers of Racial Dance Quests:

Aquilonian Dance in The Noble District
@ 793, 1010 – Epaphoros

The Fruits of Luxury
Priest of Mitra in Group with Devotional Prayer buff,
In a Renown lv9 guild, 3 golds


Cimmerian Dance in Conarch Village
@ 384, 481 – Radulf

Inborn Ambition
Bear Shaman in Group with Spirit of the Bear buff,
In a Renown lv9 guild, 3 golds


Stygian Dance in Khemi
@ 806, 1168 – Shuhotep

Uncharted Waters
In a Renown lv9 guild, 3 golds


Khitan Dance in Gateway to Khitai
@ 1340, 620 – Bataar

The River Under the Mountain
In a Renown lv9 guild, 3 golds

The key is in the full lines of poetry for each season.

Find your innermost harmony, pure as a drifting cloud. Be all and yet none, central yet apart. [cloud = white tile]

Dart and weave, making your life’s blood pound through your veins! Be the fire of autumn. [blood = red tile]

Through even the night’s shadows, feel the sun’s golden light! Be the hope in winter. [golden = yellow tile]

Rush onward like an ocean’s sapphire wave! Be the flood of summer. [ocean = blue tile]

Move as quickly as a leaf upon a breeze! Be the growth of spring. [leaf = green tile]

The Key

center = white
winter = yellow
autumn = red
summer = blue
spring = green

“Yes! Yes! That is the clear rushing of a soul and body aligned. Come, my finest student, so I may teach you. You are deserving.” I am the monkey, the tiger, and the dragonfly according to An-ming.


4 thoughts on “Racial Dance Quests

      1. DDOCentral

        Sure, go ahead. I wish someone would do this for all the dances. I have only done the Khitan Dance so far (my character is Aquilonian).

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